LumiTea Introduces Unique New Rise and Revive Tea Blends 

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MIAMI LumiTea, the online retailer specializing in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends including “Rise,” the metabolism-boosting tea and “Revive,” the anti-aging tea. LumiTea’s healthful products feature all-natural ingredients and life benefits for body, mind and spirit.

“Tea can help you shine,” said the Founder of LumiTea. “Our site features our best findings from world-wide travels. We have found superfoods for you. As the name suggest, our new teas help you rise and revive yourself. We offer tea for life.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of energy, anti-aging, immune support and stress relief. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect, natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching and satisfying lifestyle.

“Rise” tea is full of metabolism boosters, such as Ginger, Organic Ginseng, Organic Green Tea and Lemon Grass, and is sweetened naturally with zero calorie Stevia. Rise is an all-natural blend giving the body, mind and spirit a special start to the day. According to the tea experts at LumiTea, “This blend of soft sunshine-in-a-cup packs an antioxidant-immuno-punch into your morning.”

“Revive” anti-aging tea is a rejuvenating combination of an all-natural formula with a potent green tea blend. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this blend presents itself as a path to healing of many ailments – improving skin, immunity, inflammation, digestion, eyesight, cardiovascular system, glycemic control, and more. “Revive” is formulated with Organic Green Tea, Organic Red Chinese Date, Organic Ganoderma, Java Tea, Peppermint Leaf, Organic Goji Berry and Organic Roselle. The antioxidants in “Revive” help the body to look and feel younger and more healthy.

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LumiTea Introduces New Tea Blends and 30 Day Detox Plan

Posted: Nov 30, 2015 5:21 PM JSTUpdated: Dec 01, 2015 4:52 AM JST

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MIAMI – LumiTea, the online retailer that specializes in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends as well as a 30 Day Detox Plan. The company’s teas feature all-natural ingredients. New products introduced include “Skinny Tea” and “Calm Sleepy Time Tea.”

“We launched LumiTea with the dream of using the power of tea to help people shine,” said Emil Levy, Founder of LumiTea. “We are a dedicated team of tea gurus. We’re presenting the results of our world travels where we discovering and bringing together some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of weight loss, stress relief and boosting energy. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching lifestyle. The Calm Sleepy Time Tea, for example, is an organic blend that helps people become calm and fall asleep more easily. The blend’s mix of chamomile, lavender, orange peel, and valerian root also continue to help a person while he or she sleeps. Valerian Root is known to be an effective Anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety compound. Its effect is to enable a person to enjoy better quality sleep and achieve a higher level of calm and serenity throughout the day.

The 30-day detox plan comes in the form of a 30-pack box of tea, one for each day of a detoxing cycle. Designed to go together with a healthy diet, the 30-day detox plan combines oolong tea, ginger root, hawthorn berries, Senna and lotus leaves. It is filled with powerful cleansers and antioxidants which facilitate weight loss, energy gain, and an immune system reset. Senna contains Sennosides, a natural, mild laxative. Hawthorn berries have been shown to improve circulation.

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Media Contact
Company Name: LumiTea LLC
Contact Person: Emil
Address:17890 NE 31 CT, Apt 3300
City: Aventura
State: FL
Country: United States

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Benefits of Green Coffee


When you hear the term “green coffee” it refers to the beans harvested from coffee fruits which have not been roasted. These raw beans are used to create coffee for brewing when they are harvested, cleaned and dried, and then roasted and sometimes ground. There is a buzz surrounding green coffee beans as being an effective diet supplement to enhance weight loss. Many studies claim to have proven record of reducing ten percent body weight and fifteen percent body fat over twelve weeks of their subjects taking a green coffee price extract as a supplement during their daily routine.

Many companies have taken this information and created their own diet supplement blends to offer to the public. If you choose to try the green coffee supplement for yourself, always seek the advice of your physician or a dietician. Also do your research and look into the product you are spending your hard earned cash on so you don’t lose money on subpar products. Try to find a quality, proven company that has a good reputation for selling high quality products. A good way to do this is to read reviews and customer testimonials.

Read the label and look for chlorogenic acid extract. This ingredient is the key component found at higher levels within the raw bean. Roasted beans contain this acid as well but at much lower levels as it is lost during the roasting process. It may also be called GCA or green coffee antioxidant, or Svetol. A 45% or more level is what you need in order to match the levels found in the effective weight loss studies. If the ingredients on this product, or any product for that matter, are not clearly listed do not purchase it; you are putting it into your body and should know what’s in there. Also, choose products that show it is filler free in the ingredients list. Do not be fooled by pills that say they are pure but have no GCA contained in it.

The levels of chlorogenic acid are so important since it is thought to positively affect your body’s ability to reduce fat. It is also thought to boost your elimination, help balance out your blood sugar, increase your metabolism, and even be an extremely effective antioxidant. Some people suggest there is sufficient evidence to support the use of green coffee to help with blood pressure levels. Studies are in progress to see possible positive effects on Alzheimer’s, infections, and diabetes as well. However, as with any diet regimen, there is no substitute for regular exercise and a good diet. Use green coffee to enhance your current diet routine to help increase and maximize your results.

Private Label Brand Benefits

Build Your Own Brand - Private Label

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Our skilled experts have experience in private label manufacturer for many years. We work with several companies to take their company or business to a higher level. In addition, we help you build up a branding plan, help you to implement the plan and help you to recognize your business potential. Private label companies helps your business to get more amazing opportunities.

Building a brand is not just an advertisement or merely creating a smart looking logo but, a brand helps you to establish your products to the market. It also provides a genuine value not just for the product but also the brand name recognition. This will provide unbelievable profit and growth of your business.


And what is private label?

With a private label, we will partner with you to establish a unique brand and innovating position that covers all from the product packaging to the customization of the product. Our experts will assist you with product registration requirements and certification, and our marketing team will help you implement a long-term plan and develops a brand identity. Moreover, we do not only open amazing doors for your company growth but will also protect your business.


Benefits of using private label brand:MARKETING

  • Increase the customer loyalty
  • Complete product protection and product control
  • Product recognition
  • Quality control procedures
  • Provide with distribution and company management
  • Company name linked with high quality
  • Higher flexibility in product pricing and services
  • Creates a long-term clients relationship
  • Creates value in the brand name


A private label is important to build your business as long-term benefits and protecting your product value. Our experts’ supplies all materials required for marketing and promotion tools you require to communicate your product message to the aimed audience. We also offer your product with hologram design to ensure that it is not easily counterfeited.


In addition, we will guide you through the whole private label process and take your business to a level of success.



Diet Tea Advantages

Diet Tea Advantages

Tea is the most broadly drunk beverage taken next just to water in the world’s. It’s above all a very healthy drink, a beautiful and rapturous smell and a refreshing taste to be taken.

Body must be supplemented with water to prevent dehydration. An ordinary tea is a very good drink that can help in re-hydration of the body. This is so because the caffeine content is almost no in tea.

Diet tea is known to have high amounts of potassium and manganese. Manganese is essential for bone growth and progression. Potassium is important for keeping a proper pulse. If the potassium level is not high it can result in irregular pulse and so blood levels are affected. Exhaustion sets in readily.

A diet tea with tiny bit of milk is a beverage that is very healthy. High vitamins amount is essential in the body as vitamins help to release energy from carbs and fats, increases body metabolism, supplies antioxidants and reinforces the immune system in the body.

Antioxidants are extremely helpful for maintaining health. Ordinarily, our body chemicals have the inclination get oxidized. Free radicals have been associated with a number of different forms of cancer like, lung, oral, breast and throat cancer. Besides diseases like diabetes as well as heart disease may also be caused. As a result of environmental factors like pollution and cigarette smoke, these anti-oxidants are dropped. Therefore, a high-quantity of antioxidants should be supplemented within the body. Tea is a drink that can supplement these antioxidants.

The tea has several advantages:

Gains of tea that is normal:

Tea not only helps you to maintain beaming teeth, but also strengthen the gums and prevents tooth decay. Since tea has high quantities of calcium, it just benefits in growing bone strength and overall body growth but calcium induced routes in the body aid in muscle contraction. Muscle contraction and growth helps in all body motions. It can help to reinforce these muscles also. There are reviews that tea aids in reducing the degree of HDL. As a consequence, the entire cholesterol level decreases. Regular tea drinking also helps modulate blood pressure and keeps it stable. As large blood cholesterol and a high blood pressure are the primary causes for myocardial infarction (heart-attack), tea drinking has been shown to be a great medicine for the prevention.

Traditionally it is thought that diet tea helps to lose excess weight. They help to boost the fat loss process by increased metabolic process. Also they’ve laxative and diuretic effect.(medien Website)

However one must not get addicted to the dietary plan tea. It may cause several side-effects including headache, anxious, wakefulness and issues of lack of concentration. Moreover unlike tea that is typical diet may cause acute dehydration of the body. Additionally, it has a negative impact on the heart and can cause increased blood-pressure.